Here and Now

Fun to see our Lola enjoying herself on this splendid day. I often think about her sibling Charlie who passed away a few years since. They were so close and really enjoyed each others company. It was great to watch them challenging themselves to see who could climb the highest trees or win out in play fighting.

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Versus Kasparov Sensor Chess

When I received my package in April, I was so pleased…It was my Kasparov Sensor chess (KSC) wow. This is the machine I had when I first started playing chess as I didn’t have any chess stuff to work with or anyone to spar with back in the day, just my KSC to test my skills with.  I didn’t really know about joining chess clubs or anything like that so I just played on my KSC for ages and ages and ages. It gave me an understanding of how to use the pieces and that kind of stuff, relentlessly kicking my butt on many occasion. So I’ve gone full circle and challenged my chess teacher one more time to see if I have indeed developed a little from those challenging rookie days.


Not a magician, just love magic

Firstly I must apologise to the Magic Circle for butchering their wonderful craft, but I thought I would capture some of my favourite tricks for my 2017 calendar.

Self Defence to Protect You

There is definitely no one answer to dealing with acts of violence within our communities. Within civil society you would expect there to be no need for such self defence practises, but here I am demonstrating a self defence system to fall back on when things start to go wrong.

It is definitely nice to know that you have available to hand, a concept of enhanced self preservation that you can access freely in your time of need.

Some times you have to look inside you to ‘Protect You’ ~ Sylvan Clarke




2017 has kicked off in good form and I’m feeling super cool 🙂




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