Is self defence frowned upon in our communities?

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Self defence

The search for the holy grail of Martial arts

Doing the DO

Doing the DO

Doing the Do is the only way to achieve, unless your goal is to do nothing in which case congratulations on your achievement

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Overcoming Obstacles to Diversity

All things being equal, Diversity can shine

All things being equal, Diversity can shine

The continued reduction of barriers to equality in employment, training, opportunities, housing etc and the constant working towards diminishing/eliminating unlawful harrassment/victimisation helps set the stage for improving diversity. When we reach an understanding that we are all equal we can then truly have/develop an appreciation of our differences.

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Not a gardener? call in the experts

Not a gardener? call in the experts

Great read, solidifies the ethos of letting go of the things you know you can’t do but understanding and taking forward the sourcing of experts who can, allowing you to indulge in creative leadership of the things you can do.

A leader weathers all comers to move forward

A leader weathers all comers to move forward

Yes I agree leaders should be available in times of crisis and be open and honest about all events whether good or bad, it’s the only way to keep people feeling reassured that you as a leader are real, human and mindful of their concerns. I enjoyed your mentor’s quote “talk without being offensive, listen without being defensive, and always, always leave even your adversary with their dignity. If you don’t, they will spend the rest of their lives, working to make you miserable.” but i’m not sure true leaders can or should be selective about what elements they are open and honest about which is how i have interpreted the following statement ‘In other words, step over mess, and not in it. Take the shots that matter, but not every shot’. Thank you for sharing.

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My Story

My Story

Nice post. From Asian/African/Indies, Native Americans, Hispanics Indigenous people, Europeans, worldwide people, we all have a story to tell. A story that passes down through time to then become history and folklore. Some times stories become old fables or moral codes, other times simply they become fragmented and merely a figment of some ones over active imagination. Put all these elements of a story together and you have a wonderful history of people at their glorified best and occasionally at their worst. As the stories are past through generation to generation it is fitting to celebrate the age when cultures were created and idols were born. Give a few moments thought to how people in general have developed throughout the ages, how they survived on virtually nothing and still do to this day. A truly tremendous inner power of strength and a will of iron. Makes me appreciate that a story/history is indeed, inside all of us, just waiting to be made into a fable or moral code for the future generations/organisations/inventions. Ursula Burns-Xerox, Brigette ‘Biddy’ Mason real estate tycoon, Madam C.J. Walker-Hair care entrepreneur.

Does anybody give private martial arts lessons


what do they think about needing another person to help out?

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One to One Training
I’ve found teaching privately one on one a real eye opener in terms of being able to give the student my undivided attention. This has helped their development remarkably as we can have conversations about many aspects of their training, which we wouldn’t normally be able to do in a big class. One on one tuition also helps my students really get to grips with the smallest of detail when applying manoeuvres and again allows for a great two way communication to solidify development and a deeper understanding of their art. I ask students to make a conscious effort to workout with other people of differing arts to consolidate their learning, on occasion I will invite a workout buddy(not a fall person) to analyse the students progress, but on the whole I deliver one to one training for maximum impact of my guidance and the students learning.

Bruce Lee  

Bruce Lee

Yes he was a great visionary individual who inspired many people both in and out of the martial arts world. I do like that in some quarters of the vast arena of martial arts I see great development in individuals researching the intricacies of their chosen arts to their fullest and understanding each arts true essence of creation before moving on to another art without fully grasping the essential facets of the first art. The full attainment of knowledge in their arts has given them a good base to then really be able to blend their movements as they have a fuller wider understanding of the mechanics and concepts behind their manoeuvres. For as we know, we can blend all different foods into a mixer, but it doesn’t mean the taste will be to our liking, taking the time to pick the right food for your ingredients is always the first step to achieving a better flavour-some blend, as so with the arts…Ripen and mature your chosen arts before blending and your development will be all the more fruitful.


A leader that has the skills and attributes to tackle the obstacles preventing the development of their people, now that is a leader worth their weight in gold. Toughness is a subjective term e.g. what I may perceive as toughness, another may deem as weakness and vice versa. If a leader has a solid passionate understanding of their strategy, business, people requirements and are able to present and stand up for their agreed objectives in an assertive non aggressive way, then toughness doesn’t really come into the equation as they will be well on the road to catching more flies from the sweetness of their honey.


Would you consider giving students an opportunity to fast track to Blackbelt ( Shodan )

Take time to develop and grow or your lack of knowledge will make you slow

Take time to develop and grow or your lack of knowledge will make you slow

I suppose it is like any business, education or sport, if you put quality time in to teaching/coaching/mentoring and have a student/worker/athlete who you believe is a special talent, the natural urge is to nurture their talents and push them forward. Graduates are offered fast track employment within businesses, athletes are sold on the idea that they can compete at a higher level, some martial arts students are fast tracked to black belt level. To me, an individual participant is like a bonsai tree which grows slowly and steadily, all the while developing strong roots in order to flourish, if we prevent its experience of growth and indepth rooting, we kill the essence of its being, as so with the martial arts. Allowing students to grow and experience their arts to the fullest will give them a thorough rooted understanding of their arts concepts, manoeuvres, strategies, tenets which they can confidently pass on to others safely and with the maturity of a truly experience artist.

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