I know when I was growing up I aspired to be the best me I could be, not much of a goal but I never really got into the whole I want to be a teacher, doctor, fireman thing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of aspiration as it gives you something to aim for, something to get up in the morning for, to know you are making in roads to achieve your goal. Back then I had a goal and I was sticking to it.

In later years I aspired to be a dancer and took steps to fulfil my dream which I achieved, I aspired to be a martial artist and again took steps to fulfilling my dream (still striving). As for the rest, where I am now, I put down to aspiring to be the best me for me.

I’ve found there is nothing worse than obstacles preventing you from achieving or preventing you having a wholesome life. It’s on these occasions I would happily discuss the situation causing me conflict with a good friend who would steer me on the path of resolution, my focus would become clear again and my aspiration remained intact. When I have been through such meetings, I realise that people such as my friend the mentor and others like him, are the forgotten unsung heroes who flow through our communities, organisations even senates weaving their fantastic methodologies/concepts to help keep a certain balance within the human psyche. I for one take this opportunity to say thank you to my mentor friend and to people just like him delivering help and guidance to others…your work has not gone unnoticed.

Historical Pioneers

Where would we be if they hadn’t shared their experience?
I often ponder on what would have happened if all the great historical movers and shakers had just sat and watched the world go by and didn’t feel the need to share their wisdom and experience, I have listed a few of my personal greats and their achievements below for your perusal.
Bruce Lee changed the format for martial arts movies and training concepts world wide.
Rosa Louise McCauley Parks American civil rights activist (refused to sit at the back of the bus and the rest is history).

Andrew Beard – Automatic Car Coupling Device (1897)

Henry Blair – Mechanical Seed Planter (1834)

– Mechanical Corn Harvester (1836)

C. B. Brooks – Street Sweeper (1896)

Mark Dean – Microcomputer system with bus control means for peripheral processing devices (1984)

Dr. Charles Drew – Established Blood Banks all over the world (1940)

W. Johnson – Egg Beater (1884)

Frederick Jones – Refrigeration for transport trucks (1938)

– Refrigeration for railroad cars (1945)

J. L. Love – Pencil Sharpener (1897)

Elijah McCoy – Automatic Lubrication System for railroads and heavy machinery (1892)

Jan Matzeliger – Automatic Shoe Making Machine that revolutionized the making of shoes (1883)

Alexander Miles – Elevator (1888)

Garrett A. Morgan – Gas Mask that saved many lives during WWI (1914)

– Automatic Traffic Signal (1923)

Norbett Rillieux – Sugar Refining System that revolutionized the making of sugar (1846)

W. H. Sammons – Hot Comb (1920)

Lewis Temple – Toggle Harpoon (1848)

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams – First Open Heart Surgery (1893)

Granville Woods – Multiplex Telegraph system, allowing messages to be sent/received from moving trains (1887)

– Railway Air Brakes that provided the first safe method of stopping trains (1903)

– Steam-boiler/radiator (1884)

– Third Rail [subway] (1893)

J. T. White – Lemon Squeezer (1896)

One thing that endears me to a lot of these pioneers was that they were human beings, made of skin and bone just like you or I, they were no better or worse, but what made them stand out in their fields? I can only surmise that they had a deep desire to improve their situation and in so doing helped make others lives that much easier in the long run.

The awesome Chess Queen
Even if you are not into chess I am sure if you watched a blitz match played by Alexandra kosteniuk you would be mesmerised just as I was. Like a true tigress she concentrates intently on her next move and pounces with the most unusual array of moves that leaves me spell bound. keep up the brilliant work Alexandra.
The enigmatic Terence Trent Darby (Sananda Maitreya)

I remember going to see Terence Trent Darby at the Manchester Appollo some years back. He totally blew me away with his unique dance style and original quality of sound to his voice. Its funny how wonderous talent such as Terence’s flash in and out of my life like shooting stars, leaving me wanton for more of the same.

In his own right he truly was an enigma and I speak for myself when I say he left a positive lasting impression on me as a young man growing up in confusing times.

I raise my glass of rum to you Terence.

A Masterclass from Darby

Do you love me like you say?

My Favourite Darby Romance song

‘Sign Your Name’

Pure Class

‘Wishing Well’

My personal favourite 

‘Dance Little Sister’

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