Antisocial personality disorder

The Sucker Punch

In life there are an array of contradictions and platforms of irony.

In the grand scheme of things;

*The big fish eat the little fish

*The bad guys beat the good guys

*Being nice is seen as manipulative and untrustworthy

*Being horrible and conniving wins popularity

*The seedy side of life is normalised in attempts to somehow make them right

Most altercations in life come about due to one person/group wanting to pull the wool over another persons eyes. The Why? could be so they can conduct their unsolicited acts of aggression, betrayal or downright seedy underhand psychological trauma.

So its no surprise that when faced with an aggressive opponent who wants to rip your head off, that they would indeed literally attempt to sucker punch you. As we know, bad guys win, honor is no longer a thing, the seedy side of life is normalised and glamorised, so why wouldn’t your opponent want to catch you by surprise with a blindside attack, after=all they have the public’s sumblinal permission right??

Every time you get shocked in life, that is a moment when you have been subliminally emothionally/psychologically/physically sucker punched (you didn’t see it coming)..

However, if you are not shocked, then it shows that you were prepared for the cowardly shallow feeble attack.

Be prepared for lifes sucker punchers.

Angry Adrenaline

The person standing in front of you doesn’t like something about you i.e. you did something they didn’t agree with, you look a certain way they dont like, they have issues with themselves and just want to deflect on to you to cleanse themselves of the hurt they feel inside themselves. or quite simply they are just and arse.

Either way, once the adrenaline starts to surge inside them and the red mist fills their eyes they will feel super powered to deliver some kind of hurt against you…possibly!!!

Being on the receiving end of an all out spulrge of aggressive adrenaline fuelled rage can be quite shocking if you have not experienced it before and will no doubtly make your knees buckle and make you feel like you want to visit the toilet right there and then. The rage may be so explosive that you freeze for what feels like ages as your body and mind try to come to terms with this rippling torrent of angry abuse that is making its way towards you.

Using a lion as an example; it signifies that it ‘aint happy with ya being around him by snarling, growling or roaring, so what would you do as a sane humoid? Me, i’m high tailing it out of there, but thats jus me

When an adrenaline filled rage attack starts it is just like the lion scenario. If the angry raging attacker confronts you face to face then you have a moment to when your bodies start preparing you for Action. Now when all the negative responses kick in its your mind asking your body the key question’ What the heck do i do?’ . An action has been generated but only the mind at present. No matter how good a self defence practitioner/martial artists/street fighter is, when faced with such adrenaline filled rage attacks they will all go through the creaming their pants phase as the element of the unknown is inev;itable.

It must be noted that not all adrenaline rage attacks come to blows. In some cases the attacker wants to beat you down with their postruring and harsh words. Attepting to win their bullying attack as a form of show boating to their mates or their girlfriends.

In either event, an adrenaline rage filled attack should be prepared for because if you you don’t look prepared, they will heighten their performance by delivering a sucker punch.

No retreat no surrender

When an attacker embarks on an act of sucker punch adrenaline rage, you can bet your bottom dollar that they do not intend to retreat or surrender unless you are hurt, humiliated capitulating and sumbitting to their will.

No one actually gives anyone the right t6o make a person suffer a physical or psychologicial attack. There are however sociapathic cowards out there that actually enjoy stirring up trouble just so they can have a ringside seat at the trouble they have caused. When an altercation kicks off its usaually wise to look deeper at the root cause, unfortunately this usually takes place after the event ande the fire starter gets off scott free.

Reading a Sucker Puncher

Protect You

Life holds an array of sucker punches for each and every one of us. Understand that antisocial personality disorder is not an acceptable thing, it isn’t normalised as doing the right thing, it isn’t boss and it isn’t clever it’s Anti-Social which means its not socially acceptable.

Live life to the fullest, appreciate the social goodness you bring to this world.

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