Martial arts Psychology – Episode 7

To be clear, my intention is not to discredit any system of self defence or martial arts but to provide a full and frank information base for your future study of self defence or martial arts.

Sadly this is not for the bish bash bosh blood thirsty parade. This series will send the bish bash bosh parade to a quick snooze fest. These concepts have been proven to be one of the best antidotes for a bish basher’s insomnia. 96% will chant ‘where’s the blood, where’s the action, this is so boring i’m off to watch some Extreme sports‘.

I must stress that the information contained within this series is purely for research purposes and should not be used without control and restraint from your part. The author and researcher take no responsibility for the use or misuse of data held within this series.

Please seek knowledgeable professional training before conducting any of the techniques/strategies held within this series

So now that i’ve cleared that up, I’ll try to explain to who this series may be of interest. The  remaining 4% of true thinking martial artists/pugilists. The artists who want to take a peep into the unchartered world of psychology and its impact on creating magical moments in martial arts, self defence and self protection.’ ~ Sylvan Clarke – Fong Tien Martial arts

Full Contact allout fighting or sparring

Please be aware that this is not a soft system of martial arts. In a full contact all out setting we would look to hit hard, fast and extremely powerfully. Any holds, locks or restraints would be applied with maximum energy and total effectiveness. In the demonstrations throughout this series all aspects are focussed on the ‘Reading’ psychological phase of fighting or sparring. As such the ‘Reading’ phase is shown with control and restraint to highlight the key salient points safely.

Episode 7 – Martial arts Psychology pt21

This is the 7th of 8 episodes.

To save confusion and avoid the feeling of falling into the mire of perceived mysticisms, it is probably advisable to watch the demonstration videos in each section first before reading the supporting notes. i.e. watch Episode 7 pt21 video, then read Episode7 pt21 supporting notes.

Real Time – Reading your opponent pt21 – A Martial art psychology

Episode 7 – Martial arts Psychology pt21

Reading your opponent is just like reading a book. There are times when your eyes may get fuzzy from reading a book for too long, so too with reading an opponent. It might be a confusing book that you are reading, just as your opponent maybe a little tricky too.

Episode 7 – Martial arts Psychology pt22

However, it’s not the quantity of reading but the quality of the read and the ability to combine all the concepts and make them as one.

Actively utilise an appropriate response at the right moment.

Truly understand that the right moment may be any 1 point balance, any step to, any equilibrium break, any 2 point balance and any broken rythmn. There is no set order as to when the right moment arrives. The more we practise the reading of our opponent and analysing/evaluating appropriate improved solutions, the better we are able to close each chapter and eventually reach a very satisfying end.

Consolidating the Real Martial arts Psychology

Recap key elements to consolidate in the mind.

Learning to walk and apply good readings of your opponent.

Learning to apply a solution on your opponent.

Learning what isn’t an appropriate solution on your opponent.

Practise the ‘Read – Solution – Stop’ concept.

Right and wrong ways to read and offer solutions on your opponent.

Right and wrong ways to physically practise reading and offering solutions.

To reach the stage where we apply the systems as a natural reflex action – ‘We must first learn to walk’. – Sylvan Clarke

Check out my Martial Arts Chess Psychology – 07/08/21 blog on how to ‘Think strategically, tactically and Psychologically to level the playing field or even gain and advantage in your self defence/martial art or chess play‘.


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