The Ultimate Chess Tutorial – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

All the basic learning you need to kick start your chess adventure in style.

The tutorials include the following components;

*One feature length course encompassing 3 volumes – Learn at your own pace and in your own way.

*One Strategy – Every great journey starts with that all important first step. These tutorials drive home the importance of a key strategy to help develop your chess play unconventionally yet effectively.

*One objective – To complete the whole 3 volume course with a genuine desire to improve and really enjoy the art of chess.

(Please note: The use of arrows during this tutorial are purely for educational purposes. Some people learn better by visual interpretation and others by audio. The arrows have been used to merely show the thought processes of potenial chess moves and in no way provide an enhanced calculation for the selection of any moves).

Ultimate Chess Tutorial for Intermediate players

Ultimate Chess Tutorial for Advanced players

Consolidate with the Supreme Chess Tutorial & lots of practise

Less Tension more Attack in Chess

Attack then Attack in Chess

Know what stage you are at during your chess game

Test your new found Chess Skills

Test your new found quality moves in Super Blitz

Forget the clock and see what happens

Forget the Chess Clock and focus on making quality moves

Forget the Chess Clock and focus on making quality moves – The Sequel

Blitz chess practise

Rapidplay chess practise

Lets simply Play Chess

Lets Play Chess…Again :O

Lets Play Chess…Again & Again πŸ™‚

Practise and Practise then Practise some more Chess

Set a challenge goal

Challenge the 2000 rated

Chess Congress Challenge U1700

Chess Congress Challenge U1400

Road to Top 20 in a Chess arena – Part One

Road to Top 20 in a Chess arena – Part Two

Celebrate achieving your challenge goal

1st place – U1700 Chess Congress March 2021

2nd place – U1700 Chess Congress January 2021

3rd place – U1400 Spring Chess Congress Feb – Apr 2021

How to reach the Top 20 in a Rapid Chess Arena

2019 Chess Champion U1419

Facing a Chess Champion 2018

The Answer to Chess Improvement

Well i never thought i would see the day that these words would leave my mouth, but here goes;

‘I’ve found the answer to chess’.

I can’t believe it either, its such a massive revelation to my journey. This means i can get a complete understanding of how games are lost, won or drawn so i can enjoy dissecting and evaluating my own games in the future.

The Answer does not make for pretty aesthetic viewing, so if you are a chess purist this may not be your bag. The Answer is thwart with ugly but effective moves that get the job done. The Answer doesn’t waste time with superfluous ideas or manouvres. In fact the Answer can be downright weird in its application, but it has the advantage of getting the job done.

Caveat to self: This doesn’t mean I can now win games, it means I know how players are jostling to gain advantages against me. My games shown in the videos highlight my key success’s using the ‘Answer’ but I also have loads of games where my opponent beat me to the ‘Answer’.

Chess the ever evolving mystery πŸ™‚ ~ Chess Gym (aka Sylvan Clarke)

How to deliver the Complete Answer to Chess‘ by Chess Gym (aka Sylvan Clarke)

Find out more Chess Secrets no-one wants to show you

Train with Chess Gym

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