Georgina – Luxury or Necessity?


As my beloved car ‘Georgina’ reaches her twilight years (yes I’m one of those that named their inanimate object out of some attempt at bonding more closely with it, but hey, I don’t care)

I have come to realise how much I actually drove my car from place to place without even thinking about it. It had become such a natural thing to just travel with Georgina like she was surgically attached to me or something. For many years Georgina and her predecessors have been pivotal in mine and my family’s life i.e. school runs, martial arts training trips, trekking adventures and general shopping taxi services. We have enjoyed the freedom of travel cars have afforded us, even with the ups and downs of the occasional breakdowns and the free in-car illuminations of the warning lights flashing on the dashboard…fun times.


Yes Georgina has been a brilliant member of the family and the desire to get her replacement is not in the pipeline, however as I ponder on future travelling I have made a very radical decision, a decision that totally means a complete major lifestyle change…yes you’ve guessed it…I’ve been using public transport :O

What’s the big deal about that you might say…well, ever since I can remember, I never liked public transport. In the long distant past all I could remember were mucky seats/railings on buses and trains, cramped stuffy stinky sickly atmospheres, horrible uncouth people shouting/fighting, the feeling of claustrophobia being stuck in an environment lacking in the provision of some decent breathable air with no escape, the list of negatives went on and on.

So yes the decision was a difficult one, but dipping my toe into travelling by bus in 2018 was an extremely enlightening experience. The buses look cleaner and are arriving regularly, there doesn’t appear to be many uncouth passengers which is a massive plus. One passenger did make me roll my eyes, there was a loud young lad on his phone telling the whole bus that he would only be a few minutes so Keely should get off to work and should leave the house key under the outside doormat for him whilst their young kids were inside the house. Obviously the lad was late, obviously this led to a massive argument between the lad and Keely, unfortunately we passengers had to hear it all…eebyeck.

So all in all it’s been a great transition which allows me to see a lot more of what is going on in the city centre and my local area whilst increasing my walking volume…so win win 🙂

What’s happened to Georgina? I have put my beloved Georgina into a programme of leisure and rest. Only calling on her for infrequent gentle excursions as I now fully appreciate she is most definitely a fantastic luxury and not a necessity.


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