End of Chess Season Vlog Series 2017 (FIDE 1255 – FIDE 1285)

Well I played my last games of this years OTB chess season yesterday and what great games they were too.

I’ve had an array of high and low performances of chess play throughout this season and on each occasion the experience has helped me grow as a chess player. My research into unfolding the secrets of the art of chess has been an intriguing journey of self discovery which still keeps me so humble with its vast intricacies.
Match after Match I have analysed, critiqued and made changes to the way I approach the next match. To keep me on track and readily prepared for the next season, I have logged my own personal ‘End of Chess Season vlog series’ for reference.

My vlog’s focus is on a crucial aspect of delivering an acceptable performance consistently – ‘Chess Openings’. I take myself through 22 vlog sessions covering all aspects of simple chess piece development, right from the first move through to the transition into the midgame and endgame. The vlogs are not technical and non historical, they are designed to be simple, direct and practical guides to keep me from trying to be too arty.

As the season has ended I’ll be taking a little break from intense chess training, I’m hoping my vlog series gives me enough reference material on my return later in the year 🙂

‘End of Chess Season vlog series’

1 Let opponent greedy munch

2 Pressure

3 Supporting & Capturing

4 Smothering

5 Effective Targeting

6 Position for attack

7 Focussed position

8 Targeting essentials

9 Being second to be first

10 Messy Rubbish

11 Dealing with aggressive attacker

12 Exchange Queens

13 Take your time dude

14 Rook mania

15 Be cool and play solid chess

16 Understand move order and tempo

17 Absolute Team work

18 Dynamic positioning

19 Versus Novice

20 Blindspot

21 Focussed targeting on Blindspots

22 Protect You


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