Open in Chess like a Nervy Field Mouse (FIDE 1285)


Quick guide to making moves in chess

    • Open like a nervy field mouse – suspicious of everything in the 1st 2nd 3rd moves
    • Mid game like a Lion searching for grub
    • End game like a magician

A key point

Really read opponents last move, before reading own moves

If you know it’s going to be raining you prepare accordingly i.e. raincoat, umbrella etc

‘If you know you are under threat of attack you prepare yourself to sustain the least damage if any at all’ – Chess


  • Opponent’s threats
  • Fix the threat

Identify tactical targets and patterns


  • Checks
  • Captures
  • Tempo moves
  • Threats
  • Position
  • Support
  • Blocking

Trade pieces that are having a cup of tea and slice of cake i.e. bad bishop


  1. Measured slow play can sometimes hypnotise the opponent into playing the wrong move
  2. Move when you see it…great advice
  3. Take the war away from my king
  4. In complications, trying to keep the initiative and tempo
  5. Speed is all relative – Make the right moves
  6. Never let your guard down


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