Lessons learned 2015/2016 (FIDE 1022 – FIDE 1202)

Internal OTB club match – Trying to hold onto to a potential check mate position. I should have just let it go.  Just have to stick with my mantra  http://en.lichess.org/2lR465Kj#0


Club match – Doh Had this game in the bag – Focussed so much on my glorified end position, negated my pawns on the other side of the board. I had a great winning situation yesterday. I was about to promote my pawn to a queen, had my knight protecting its landing square, my king on standby to take up the slack against his bishop attack. I was so focussed on my objective, there was no way my opponent could win, then it happened, he moved his bishop to the other side of the board and took my neatly lined up pawn on the G file, leaving two pawns against three and my hopes of queening and checking out the window as his bishop and king took the remains of my once unpenetrable attack. Never mind there’s always another day.

But on analysing the game online, a different course of events transpired. It was impossible for my opponent to have obtained a Queen as his pawns were too far up the board and my King was best placed to pick them off one by one. I can only think that my opponent, who was frantically waving his arms around and playing like it was a blitz match, that they accidently moved their pawns further forward than legally allowed. Lesson learned – Watch every move like a hawk.


10429225_686521794779636_434079198885149702_n - Copy

Another Doh Had it in the bag club match game – So pleased with the development of my opening, mid and endgame. My confidence was through the roof and then I lost my mind http://en.lichess.org/XDwbXODV


Pace Simple Direct moves to take the obvious paths that avoid complications and make the right choices to remove pieces from the board ~ With no army there’s no War

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