How fast are you really?

How fast are you really?

Just stopped by to say, 2015 has been great for sprint training towards my personal goal. What’s the deal? Well it’s my way of spicing up my annual challenges in which 2016 sees me entering my own little virtual Olympics if you like, against the fastest man on the planet at 100 metres.  Over the course of 2016 I’ll be recording my sprint runs and hoping that a little spark of inspiration comes my way from the main man.

I’ve had many doubters and nay sayers but I’ve continued on my journey happy to be doing what I love doing.

The early part of the year started nice and steady with a few short sprint blasts to get my short twitch muscles working.

Not forgetting the all important warm up

And then to the straight blast speed runs

All in all, I’m really looking forward to 2016 (maybe not the cold weather training and sniffly nose days).


Should the fastest man on the planet be worried…probably not, but it’s gonna be fun giving it a try 🙂

‘I had a dream that all things being equal, anything is possible’ ~ Sylvan Clarke

It can happen

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