A Tricky Chess Player (FIDE 1150)

Move 10 Rd1 Nf5

I want to be a better chess player so I can be trickier at unbalancing the equation of ratings and experience.

Here is my chess diary from October 15 to now. It comprises of all my recent notated OTB games and stuff that keeps me motivated and yearning for learning.

1st OTB League Club Match…Escaping a monster attack on my king to grab an unexpected win. Lots of mistakes and blunders. I walk on. I play black http://en.lichess.org/5HFkqwDB

2nd OTB League Match…things seem to be falling into place, but still a long way to go. Enjoyed this game today, not for the win but the calmness with which I made myself play in order to choose better moves than last time ( or so I thought anyway) http://en.lichess.org/sXOTWyRN

Finding inspiration…Endgame wow

OTB Rapidplay Match…Some times things don’t go quite according to plan…stick at it, there’s always tomorrow. I played Black in this game http://en.lichess.org/affwdsAK#52

I don’t know what my opponent will do. I’ll impose my game the best I do, to make sure the game is true.

3rd OTB League Match…The Pawn wants to be something…Push it http://en.lichess.org/fliHSYBx#58

Currently reading ‘180 ways to beat a Grandmaster’…awesome

If you can weather the storm you’ll eventually see the sun…Fear not the attack but your own wavering thoughts http://en.lichess.org/lUhIq1TK#63

It aint over til it’s over…more often than not there is a way through. In this match I was fortunate enough to throw a blind side attack to win the game http://en.lichess.org/5g9CEJIl

I was on the ropes but found a way through…surprise chess endings rule :):):) http://en.lichess.org/jntmtTyW

When the universe says ‘Not today son’ it’s time to get back to some puzzle training and recharge http://en.lichess.org/3hpqxkDV

What a right scrap i was just in…felt like Rocky v Drago. I never gave up, I thought there might be a way through. http://en.lichess.org/71zwyJlL

My moments of genius are few and far between, wish I could make them more frequent. Bullet and Blitz are definitely not my bag, but I have my moments, which gives me hope 🙂

Getting stuck into some 3 min OTB Blitz games. I’m thinking it’s rational to start the endgame tactics/strategies earlier and negate the midgame. Is that even feasible? I don’t know, but I’m trying to give it a go

A beautiful play on strategy, leaving bishop open to attack corner bishop and trapped rook, brill

I’ve been offered a draw twice this year in OTB and each time I had to politely refuse as I had a clear winning line. The second offer I felt a little bad refusing as he was a young boy with his coach or father looking over his shoulder with a menacing look of disapproval. As tears started to roll down the young boys face I could only guess that he was going to get a rough ride on the way home…Message to the coach: Everyone loses at chess, lighten up for real

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