I had a thought

Even Einstein slept

I had  a thought, not just any old thought, no this thought was the thought of all thoughts, let me take you through it.

To make toast you need something to toast

To create something you need an idea

To watch tv you need a tv

To play you need a game

To write you need a pen

To be something do something

To be nothing do nothing

To chill do nothing

So how can you tell if you are being nothing doing nothing or just chilling doing nothing ?

What seperates the two?

One is unproductive, uninspired, unmotivated the other is activated, creative and a doer…simple really.

Nothing worse than burning out though i.e. suffering writers block or simply just fatiguing and feeling out of sorts. Chilling doing nothing is an essential part of creating and producing things whether at work, home or in a hobby.

Remember, even Einstein slept ~ Sylvan




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