Is modern IT moving too fast?


Computer Age

People in general haven’t changed. The advancement of new technologies sets new challenges, especially for those who want to stay free from computers and anything IT related. The struggle with rapidly growing change, throws up the questioning of why the world and its communications etc are moving so fast.

In fact, ‘time’, is and has always moved at the same rate (a day has 24hrs no more no less), it is perceptions of how to fill our 24hrs that changes constantly.

If you are not so tech savvy, it might take a week to become fully conversant with a new technological gadget, definitely a scenario that conjures up the ‘Where did the time go?’ query.


More often than not, learning new skills can be easier than first expected.

netbook-001 - Copy

As more and more communication tools are developed, more and more hints and tips are available to help guide you on your way .i.e. YouTube has some great information on A beginners guide to getting started with Android, IPhone 6 – Complete Beginners Guide etc.

Other useful resources;

  • Google search the operating manual for your chosen device
  • Office manuals online is a great resource

Ipad, Tablet or stick with my latop? 





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