The Empty Hand in the world of Firearm

Art Of Vailaya

The Hero pulls out a gun and the Villain does as well. Bam Bam Bam and the Villain is dead and the Hero wins without breaking a sweat. We have seen this in many of the modern movies. So, does that mean that the good old hand to hand combat is dead? Not at all.

So, what is it that still makes people gravitate towards the nearest Martial Arts Club? What makes them so curious about it? What really is the charm of Martial Arts?

Martial Arts was obviously founded when there were no guns. Hence it has a rich traditional value. But, is that enough? Many of the Martial Arts have been turned into Sports? But even that is not enough. What really makes people love Martial Arts is very interesting.

What a Primitive Man first learnt to survive in the wild was to fight. Fight or Fade was…

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