Fong Tien Self Protection Management Training

Since 1984, Fong Tien Arts have been providing modern eclectic instruction in self defence and martial arts.

Brief history of Fong Tien

From the outset it must be made clear that Fong Tien Arts are a way of life, a way for personal fulfillment and a way of finding the true you for you. The physical training side to Fong Tien makes up a very small part of the overall structure of this martial art, but as with all systems/philosophies/creations, in order to really know ‘it’, you must first walk ‘it’s’ path.

1984 The original training camp aptly named the T.U.R.F(Training Under Real Force) incorporated many of the ranges and concepts to exact control/submission or stoppage under real force, real locks, real kicks etc. This training helped ascertain what self defence methods worked and which needed further refinement or use in another format.

The T.U.R.F system was not designed for competition as it is only too aware that training in any martial/pugilistic art gives you knowledge of how to damage another human being and if you are restricted by rules then you are restricted as a pugilist and not performing to your optimum capacity.

T.U.R.F helped ascertain that all the training in the world won’t prepare you for every situation, but when you put rules on the table the balance shifts towards the underdog training outside the rules on the street. At that time the training was geared towards developing a system with no rules and testing its effectiveness as a system of defence in an all out setting without blaming or chastising the specific system but giving the ‘practitioner’ the skills to perform their self protection system to their optimum ability for their chosen goal.

T.U.R.F entertained many different people from many different pugilistic systems and helped participants prepare for such things as the army/policeforce/security work/self enlightenment/increased confidence etc. One of the main findings from the T.U.R.F was;

 ‘Whether you can defend yourself with your chosen system is simply down to the individual. Styles/systems/approaches pale into insignificance as it is dependent on the individual performing it’.

The T.U.R.F would later be refined to form the concepts used in the development of Fong Tien.

The T.U.R.F system will always be the mother of Fong Tien.


What is Fong Tien?

Fong Tien set out guide line syllabuses for each of the eleven systems within its structure. This was no mean feat as the whole T.U.R.F system was designed to fit the needs of the participant and not a one size fits all. With that in mind it set about formulating a deeper concept martial art than it had ever envisaged, breaking down its system movements  into intricate detail to ensure once more that it could be adapted to an individual’s self defence needs.

Participants seeking advancement within Fong Tien would study the concepts under each entry in the relevant syllabus. The participants mindset, body structure, capabilities etc would determine which concept is used for the relevant segment of the syllabus. The individual flexibility it afforded ensured that no matter what concepts were used by other Fong Tien instructors, the end result of the syllabus criteria would be reached.

Fong Tien participants seek not to inadvertently destroy or cause intentional hurt or pain to anyone or anything. They seek the perpetuation of peace and harmony. A true Fong Tien participant shows humility and honour whilst displaying total calm and inner peace.

Fong Tien participants are only too aware of what they are capable, both physically and psychologically and will at all costs respect and honour themselves and others. Fong Tien participants will not exaggerate the importance of their own existence, for they realise that despite all the good they can do, they are but a raindrop in the storm of life.


To become a martial artist is not to acquire the skill and knowledge of a combat system and then mindlessly destroy all those who stand in your way. To become a martial artist means to acquire a high degree of knowledge and skill in order to become a confident, calm and tolerant human being. The Art of self defence is ultimately a form of defence and only when absolutely necessary a form of attack.

The individual will instinctively know when either is the correct form of behaviour.


Fong Tien Arts Training on offer

We aim to provide students with some of the best training available in order to develop skills and benefit from all the great attributes Self Protection Management has to offer.

For organisations, the training can equip your staff with skills to reduce the threat of violence or help them utilise ways to manage an actual physical attack, improving staff, customer and personnel safety.

For individuals, why not treat your partner or loved one to a unique gift, top quality personalised Self Protection Management training, something special for that special person.

Alternatively, if you feel you deserve a treat and want to benefit from some of the best Self Protection Management training around then indulge yourself, this really could be a lifestyle changing experience.

Access the following link; Private Self Protection for more details or to enquiry about learning the Art of Fong Tien Self Protection Management.

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