The power of Dance


Love Dance, Love Life

The Berry Brothers

Tap dancing brothers

I often muse as to how good dancers come about, is it that they just have that extra something special or is it just down to sheer hard work and diligence.

Sammy Davis Junior & Gregory Hines

The hours, months, days, years it must take dancers to achieve mastery of their chosen arts can only be commended. Especially if they produce performances that last a life time within our hearts.

There are an incredible array of dance styles spread all across the world, with millions of people enjoying the rythmnic healthy aspects of moving to a musical beat. Total artistry in dance reaps its own rewards when you inspire others to take on what you have nurtured for many years.

When a dance has been out in the public domain for a long period of time it is always great to look back at where it all began in order to make positive steps forwards.

From ballet to street dance the art of movement has entralled spectators for centuries. 

 There are so many brilliant dance styles and artist out there, here are just a few of my personal favourites.

 What is this power that draws millions to watch and be entertained by the art of movement? For me the power comes from the simple fact that these supreme artists are just like you and me, all skin and bone, yet they have a kind of magic burning within them that must be released, a magic that makes me sit in awe at the splendour of what the human body can create in its many forms.

Long may the art of dance continue to flourish in its individuality and greatness.



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