465 – The Easter Play


Easter Play

Starring Shooting Star

Co starring Silver Fox

also co starring Fire Fly and Slick Steve

465 - Mirror

In the beginning

A long time ago there lay a thick treasure chest beneath the largest pyramid in Egypt. It was put there by the fourth king of the sixth kingdom on the fifth month of the year.

Who ever opened it would be bestowed all the powers of the universe. Many people sought its treasure. Many people had failed.

On this day

Fire Fly
Flew across the orange sky playfully chasing glow worms and shooting little sparkles from her fingers at them teasingly

‘Come on Glows, give me a challenge’

Suddenly the glow worms dart as fast as lightning up into the sky and away from Fire fly

Fire Fly

‘Whoa, where are you going, come back, come back, I was only joking’

She shrieked as she hovered to the ground below

Silver Fox

Jumped out from behind a bush

‘Fire Fly’

She shouted

Fire Fly

Shot into the air screaming


Silver Fox

Licks her paw with a sly grin on her face

‘Never fails’

A bright white light shone brightly around her

Shooting Star

Floated in front of Silver Fox

‘One day she’ll give you the shock of your life’
She starts to chuckle

Sliver Fox

Looked sternly into Shooting Stars face for a second or two

Then bursts out laughing with Shooting Star

The Earth

Started rumbling beneath their feet, the trees shook crazily. Boulders started rolling down the mountain sides

Slick Steve

Charges through the bushes

‘What the blazes is happening?’

Fire Fly

        Darts down to them all

‘It’s the fourth pyramid on the sixth village in the fifth valley’

Silver Fox

‘Treasure Mountain’

Fire Fly, Shooting Star and Slick Steve


Silver Fox

‘Oh yeah, here, what time is it?’

Shooting Star

‘4 mins passed 6’

Silver Fox

‘What number day of the month is it?’

Fire Fly


Shooting Star

‘What does this mean?’

Silver Fox

‘Oh nothing, are we going to check it out?’

Slick Steve

‘Pretty dangerous up there you know’

Shooting Star & Fire Fly

Pick up Slick Steve and Silver Fox and fly off excitedly

‘Treasure mountain here we come’


Arrive at base of pyramid

Shooting Star

‘What are the funny markings here?’

sliding her hand on the square formation

Fire Fly

‘Looks like a combination lock’

Silver Fox

‘Nah, its just bricks’

‘I think we need to spread out and take a corner each to see what is going on’

Shooting Star

‘Yeh, good idea’


Silver Fox stays with the combination lock whilst the others rush off

Silver Fox

Slowly presses the markings relating to 465.
The bricks to the side of the numbers start to open up slowly
She looks around to see if anyone is around then walks in.

Suddenly there is a flash of light and the door shuts

Fire Fly, Slick & Star

Charge back to the lock

Fire Fly

‘What was that?’

Slick & Star


Fire Fly

‘Where’s Silver?’

Slick & Star



‘Look there’s a trail of her fur leading into the rock’

Fire Fly

‘How is that possible?’


‘4th minute passed the 6th hour of the 5th day’

Slick reached for the combination buttons and slowly pressed.


The door opened and they entered.


‘Give us some light star’


Shone brightly down the passageway to where the treasure cabinet lay


Sat on the cabinet staring at them as they entered

‘Go back the way you came, there’s nothing for you here’


‘We’re looking for our friend Silver Fox, have you seen anyone pass by here?’

Fire Fly

Looked nervous, waiting for Silver Fox to jump out at any moment


‘Go back’

It shouted, as it fiddled with the lock on the chest

‘Stupid thing’


‘We have the number for the lock’

‘If you want we can help you’


‘No..you must not touch it, it needs to be destroyed’


Shoots her fire at the bunny


Jumps off of the cabinet

‘No..you can’t see the treasure, you can’t’


Sees a number on the back of the bunnys ear 25

Turning she sees numbers on the backs of the ears of Slick and Fire Fly 15 & 21

On the wall behind her she saw her number 2

Kneeling in front of the cabinet she inputs the numbers – 2 25 15 & 21
She holds onto the handle and turns to the others

‘So this is what will bestow all of the powers of the universe on us? Are you ready?’

She slowly opens the lid then stares into the cabinet.


Leans forward to see what was going on


The bunny trembled where it stood, then disappeared in a puff of smoke. When the smoke had gone they saw Silver Fox standing staring into the cabinet.

Star, Fly & Slick

‘Hurray Silver’

Fly & Slick

look into the cabinet


Stood staring into the cabinet

Silver Fox

‘How did you know the code Star? I tried 465 but it didn’t work’


‘Each of us had a special number imprinted on the back of our ears’


‘Fly have a look for mine’


‘I can’t see anything’


‘It was a fleeting moment that passed like a shooting star’


‘How did you know what order to put them in?’


‘Something told me to use the alphabet’

‘2 = B, 25=Y, 15=O, 21=U’


‘What’s with the mirror in the cabinet then?’
‘Where’s the treasure?’


‘You are the treasure’


Link hands and jump in the air

‘We have the power’

They say in unison


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