The Yes No Man

Free your time

After reading several books on reaching my potential by basically saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities, I came to realise a truth that would stand me in good stead for future years.

‘I can change my mind’

Saying ‘Yes’ to every activity going really eats into your quality personal relaxing time, burning the candle at both ends is definitely not recommended. As I took on more opportunities and activities, the sheer volume literally had my head spinning. I worked on several projects at once and remember thinking ‘Oh I will put 100% in later, I just don’t have the time right now’, but never really got around to finding the time to give it 100% and so began a vicious spiral of rushing onto the next project without a true idea of what I was really accomplishing. At the time I didn’t realise the full effects of taking on too much, it was only when I started to miss deadlines that it became very apparent that something had to be knocked on the head, if I was ever going to regain a better balance of work and life.

I started to create my ‘NO’ List.

It was amazing, once I whittled down my ‘Yes’ list, I started to really enjoy my chosen opportunities/activities. Most important of all, I could see a different perspective on my life…‘Time’.



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