Exploring Filmmaking with Future Learn

As one of those people who on a basic level loves films, tv, photography i.e. watching a movie or tv series that really gets my heart and mind pumping, taking a few snaps or videos with my camera. It seemed only fitting that I would be a little bit interested in a free online course that had the tagline, ‘Learn from award-winning filmmakers about how films get from script to screen with this course from the NFTS(National Film & Television School) and BFI(British Film Institute) Film Academy’.

Where did I spot such a course, well as it happens I was actually registering for an ‘Introduction to Cyber Security‘ course on Future Learn and whilst browsing their site that’s where it caught my eye. I deliberated for all of 5 seconds as to whether taking on two courses at once might be too much for the old grey matter, but that thought soon disappeared as I eagerly registered my details and enrolled on the free ‘Explore Filmmaking: From Script to Screen‘ course.

I’m now on my third week of the Introduction to Cyber Security course and my second week of the ‘Explore Filmaking: From Script to Screen’ course. Both are brilliantly presented with lots and lots of resources made available at your finger tips. There are many active students partaking in discussions and forums which makes for a great learning experience.

I would recommend taking a look at the free online courses on Future Learn there’s so many to choose from and the quality of video tutorials and training supplements are professionally pleasing…it’s great.

Well, that’s it for now, I’ve got to go and see what learning is in store for me this week.

Happy Learning 🙂

sony handycam


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