Can’t see for looking


Rushing to get out of the house, forgotten where I’d put my phone. Searched every where, on the sofas, behind the sofas, under the sofas, in the kitchen, the fridge, bedroom, bathroom, any room or cupboard you can think of, I searched it.
In despair I decided to grab a moment of calm, so opened the fridge door to grab me a ginger beer and what do I see perched on the second shelf next to the grapes…my phone.
Yet again, I was looking but not seeing.
How many times have we done similar, swearing that we will remember where we put things next time, and yet, the next instance of a disappearing item, seems to sneak up on us like a specially trained ‘forgetful ninja’ and always at the most inopportune times.

Can’t see for looking or looking too hard to unsee?















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