Fong Tien Self Defence – 30 year Celebration

Each time I step into the training area to practice Fong Tien Self defence, I still get butterflies about what will happen in the next up coming session. Seeing participants from all walks of life working and training together brings a smile to my face every time. Like comrades in arms we work together setting up the circuit training equipment, don the focus mitts in readiness for some target practice and slip on the gloves to spar for a while.  The look of determination on each one of our faces, shows we are in the action zone, enjoying the freedom to be ourselves, with no restrictions, no hang ups, just pure in the moment movement, allowing us to target our tools(hands, feet etc) at will.


For an instant, we remember our first awkward steps on our self defence journeys. We found that the training was some-what difficult to grasp at the beginning, but with continued practise we started reaping the benefits of feeling stronger both physically and psychologically.  Here today, right now after another great training session and many years of study and hardwork,  we secretly acknowledge that we have reached a new stage in our self defence journey and yet again, we feel awkward within our movements like we are beginning all over again.


We discuss the vast self defence/martial arts concepts around the technical delivery of our movements and the strategies around tactics. We enjoy the fact that each movement, each training drill, each sparring partner helps to develop our skills and build our confidence so we can start anew and find a new beginning, a new journey.


At each training session I am constantly amazed at how we, as participants, take on the new challenges in our self defence journeys and how the benefits of learning self defence i.e. self-confidence, assertiveness can be so apparent in us all, especially after a great session.


Today I celebrate 30 years of training within Fong Tien self defence, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to many more new beginnings in my self defence journey.

Feel free to checkout ‘The Secrets of Self Defence – Fong Tien Self defence’ video below.

Cheers 🙂

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