Play Time

Play Time

‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’ ~ James Howell

Have you ever done anything just for the fun of it? (not maliciously of course).

Just something positive.

Something fun.

No competition, no hassles, just pure clean, upbeat fun.

 Each person has different tolerances to having fun, but we all have the capacity to bring it into our lives.

Nemesis of Play

One golden rule in the art of playing;

‘It is not serious’

When the fun is sucked out of your play time, it no longer becomes a positive activity to pursue.

This can happen through a number of external factors, but once you sense playtime is over, find another positive way of having harmless fun.

Maybe it’s taking a leisurely walk along a canal or building an airfix model, anything really, so long as you are enjoying your chosen activity and it puts a smile back on your face.

Most of all ‘Be Happy’ 🙂 and let your activities take you where ever they may, whether it’s to the theatre to take in the latest hot show, tasting the most unusual of foods at a local or national food festival or baking cakes for an upcoming party.

Be More Penguin and play to play

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