Is complaining the new impetus for innovation?

Can’t complain, but we do.

We have so many things in this world and yet it is still not enough.

New cars, New houses, Shops, Food, Clothes, Cinemas, Restaurants, Playgrounds, Sports centres, we have it all.

It’s still not enough.

When is enough, enough?

Is enough when your complaint has reached an innovative solution?

With 7 billion people on this earth, if each person were to feel discomfort with a product or service and complained to try and make it right, there would be quite a lot of innovative solutions to be created. Adding further to the development of such things as phones, tv’s, cars etc.

So on the whole, whether it’s a complaint/concern/issue, it does appear that change occurs through the needs/desires/wants of individuals/groups in order to try and help make their lives that little bit better…but as we all know, each person/groups needs are different, so finding that common ground of need fulfillment can never really truly be met.

So we go on complaining whilst purchasing more new products and utilising more services which we will eventually complain about as they just aren’t quite meeting our needs and so the circle of complain, innovate, complain, innovate continues on.

Is complaining the new impetus for innovation? probably so 🙂

GoAnimate – Enough

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