Time to Stop, Look and Listen

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Great to see organisations striving to meet well thought out mission statements through Leaders and Directors creating strategies, Managers organising and implementing the strategies and People in Operations applying the strategies. Whether as a sole trader or multi million pound empire, day in day out we are working towards an organisations mission statement. The more we achieve, the more targets are increased to achieve more, that is the accepted norm for any organisation who wants to make their brand/service a required commodity within the wider communities.

The one in a million leader constantly asks,

‘Do we ever really take the time to appreciate what we have achieved so far or are we too busy trying to make our grass greener than Mildred’s next door’.

They know the world does not stop spinning if you take time out, the flowers won’t stop blooming if you take time out. The one in a million leader acknowledges that being focussed and goal oriented is a very good thing, but to really keep the life batteries of their resource charged, they would advocate people within their organisation take real time to appreciate what they have achieved so far and find a balance between the organisation’s mission statement and their home lives.

The one in a million leader knows only too well that playing lip service to the application of ‘Work life balance’ would only hinder the performance of their people in the long run, causing stress, burn out, unachieved targets and reputational damage to their organisation.

Stop, Look and Listen to your body

1. Find yourself rubbing your eyes and yawning during working hours

2. You receive comments like ‘You look a bit tired’ or ‘You look a bit out of sorts’

3. Your neck feels very tense

4. Lower back pains niggling

5. Feeling headachy more often recently

6. You are late or miss more and more meetings

7. You feel upset at the smallest of things that wouldn’t normally affect you

The one in a million leader knows it is better to ensure their people are aware of how to Stop, Look and Listen to their own bodies. Also they will advocate and promote that all their people are observant of the behaviours and appearances of the people around them and proactively help anyone showing signs of concern and assist them to take time out to appreciate what they have achieved so far.

Sylvan Clarke

Leadership Actualisation

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