Many ways to tell a story

Books are a window to a new world

I’m constantly searching my mind for new topics to write about. Some times the ideas just pop into my head, so I end up jumping around, looking for any available pen/pencil and paper to jot down my ideas, before they ever so quickly jump out of my brain (the picture of me jumping around might be akin to ‘Lt Columbo’ when he searches for his note pad and pencil but a bit more animated).

So what can there be to write about, surely everything that needs to be written has been written, I used to think so until I really started paying attention.

As unique as we all are, we will put our own slant on the topic/story that we are writing about…nothing wrong with that because that is what makes us all unique, but this uniqueness also leaves a gap for others to discuss/write about the many variables that can make the story.

Simply put;

There are many ways to tell a story, your way is no better or worse than any other


Happy writing 🙂

Love Writing

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