Energy Snap or Energy Sap?

From attending back to back planning and risk management meetings my days are usually quite off the rails in terms of the time allocated to complete tasks and coordinate the business. Not forgetting the school runs, household shopping, dinner time get-togethers, I like to smooth out the elements of a busy day with a good run in the evening followed by a bit of dabbling on social media and a few games of chess to tantalize the old grey matter. Many, many, many people have even busier lives, makes you wonder how we can fit it all into 24hrs without feeling faint from lack of energy.

Apart from if you have a medical condition being tired, exhausted or fatigued are all physical results of over exerting the body above its normal capacity. It’s the body’s way of letting you know that you need to stop, catch your breath, let your mind and or muscles revitalise. It’s amazing especially when I have had a bit of a ‘Nightmare Day’ that all tiredness and fatigue seems to disappear when I’m catering for my nearest and dearest. Proves our bodies may have a little snap left in the tank after all or is the extra snap purely an additional momentary adrenaline rush specifically for catering for nearest and dearest?

I read a brilliant blog by Cornell Thomas Titled Empty which outlined his personal story of finding the true meaning of running on empty. I likened Cornell’s blog to how our bodies may just merely be warning us that we are nearing being on empty, but that we still have a bit left in the tank to get us through the day.

I love the empty pickle jar version of achieving balance within your life, I attached it to this blog because it relates quite significantly to focusing and allocating more time to those nearest and dearest to you and quite simply ‘The rest is all sand’.


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