Knowing your team’s desires – Ignore them at your peril

The knight stands proud as it knows it has many ways of bamboozling your opponent. Its not too proud to take an exchange for a bishop or knight, but hates being jammed on the A or H files. The knight loves nothing more than disturbing the centre of the board, trapping a stray Queen gives them the ultimate applaud.

The bishop appears all serene and calm, open up their ranks and see them fly. Like camouflaged soldiers on B2 & G2, beware their viper like sting, its your rooks they are after.

The rook, all stalwart and solid, they love nothing better than leading a double onslaught on a king that is flagging. Susceptible to the sneaky knight and bishop but under attack you could do worse than the kings deadly protection; the diehard rook.

The queen, I need say no more, only that, like a treasured item she loves to oversea the show. Play her too early she might be captured or trapped, risking the opportunity for your team to attack.  Play her too late and she will have no space to dance, the king will feel hemmed in without a chance.

The pawn sees first the initial force of your opponents armoury. The pawn is the first to feel the full power of your opponents strategy. The pawn is the underestimated one who no-one wants to exchange with, except for another pawn. The pawn is as stealthy as a little ninja and can upset the most talented of opponents. The pawn is the smallest of them all, but they have a deep desire to be greater than all. The pawns one wish is for their player to be, as keen to make them as great as they can be and get them across the board, so they too can be Queen.

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