Martial arts tackles Bullying


The dilemma of learning and then becoming proficient at the physical aspects of martial arts/selfdefence is that you run the danger then of becoming classed as the bully when you successfully defend yourself against bullies, especially if you have been perceived as using unreasonable force to exact your safety. This then begs the question of what is absolutely reasonable necessary force, which in law appears to be the use of enough force to protect yourself from danger i.e. if the bully attacks with their fists and you then use a brick against them this may be deemed unreasonable or if you have taken a knife from an attacker then it would be deemed that no further action would be required to defend yourself but if you continue to use the knife against the attacker and wound them then this is deemed to be unreasonable (legal situations, cases will vary dramatically as each case is dealt with on its individual circumstance, environment, people, history etc) .

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I am by no means green around the ears when it comes to dealing with attack situations, but I can honestly say that the practice of learning about positive and negative body language, how to carry yourself, how to de-escalate potential attacks with the appropriate tone of voice and confidence can prevent many many many situations from kicking off into violent attacks against you. Knowing the dangers and repercussions of conducting a physical defence i.e. there is always some one tougher, faster, meaner, smarter etc, there is much credence in training in physical arts to raise awareness of what the human body could potentially do, but also to raise awareness of what could also be done to you(amazing how some bullies convert when taking up a martial art). Once this is truly understood and you are of sound mind you would be confident enough to pursue the exertion of your positive body language with assertive non aggressive verbal communications to win your safety many times over, all the while knowing that you have the knowledge and skill to protect you if and when the talking stops and you have no other option but to defend yourself with absolutely reasonable necessary force. So yes, if a school provides a thorough ongoing balance of non violent verbal conflict management the child would benefit greatly from their physical study of martial arts/selfdefence.

LinkedIn: Can Martial arts prevent bullying

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