Shine Your Light – The Dream Chasers Handbook by Sylvan Clarke

Front Cover - Shine Your Light - A Dream Chasers manual-Sylvan Clarke-page-001

Within my new book I’m conveying my own personal life coaching concepts on Dream Chasing.
The contents of this book have materialised from my analysis and evaluation of the psychological impact that I have personally experienced when confronted by internal/external turmoil that threatened to prevent me achieving ‘Goals’.
I have dedicated my time to writing about a fascinating, simple, effective, 21 second Life Coach system that helped turn my world upside down. I now share this system in order to, in some small way, give hope and self inspiration to others.

Trying to achieve a goal in any sphere can be a lonely journey, whether its trying to improve a cheesecake/ roundhouse kick, deliver that perfect presentation or simply to live a better life, there are moments of clarity that push you forward to achieving your goal no matter how small that goal may be. One thing that stands out most to me is our power to withstand many trials and tribulations throughout our lives, we get done what needs to be done, by simply ‘doing it’, we endure failures and successes as one and come back stronger by ‘just doing it’, we share our experiences not through need or arrogance but to enjoy ‘simply doing it’.

‘Shine your light, so that others can see the path’

Watch on You Tube: ‘Shine Your Light – A Dream Chasers Handbook’




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