‘The Hunted’ – Ten Head

One of the best episodes of the Ten Head Series – ‘The Hunted’.

Domino Jacobs learns the hard way about the trauma of being bullied and victimised.

Before he can see the light of sanctuary, he is forced into the belly of  the dark underworld.

A powerful action thriller filled with some very colourful characters and runs awash with suspense filled action, intrigue, mayhem and nail biting cliff hangers, displaying crimes of passion at their most ugly with devastating consequences.

‘You can run but you can’t hide’

Some of the characters are dangerously sociopathic, but NO One is Above the Law….or are they?

All he wants is for the pain to stop and for ‘Peace to Reign’.

‘The Hunted’ – Video Trailer 

Check out the Full series ‘Ten Head – An Eye for an Eye’

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