Beware the vield intentions

Back stabber

Do you really know the people you think you know?

Its a sad time when we celebrate/promote unscrupulous immoral people, but why do good things appear to happen to bad people, why do the unsavoury of characters always seem to be reveered as inspirational characters, where as the kind, hard working moral up standing citizens are cast aside. The article below believes it has something to do with how we perceive ourselves etc which ultimately means if bad people have the will and desire to block out their negative behaviour and create a ficticious mask of good behaviour to the outside world, hiding their true self, then they can and will achieve acclaim in abundance from the outside world, no matter what their transgressions may be i.e. stealing, sexual harrassment, back stabbing, being two faced etc.

In many cases though, good people are trampled over by the sheer perceived force of bad behaviour, causing severe emotional turmoil and angst in many a good person. Instigators of bad behaviour inform all concerned that their actions were assertive, necessary indeed crucial to what they had to achieve. Ignorant to any negative behaviours bad people set out on a course of twisting the truths and off loading their failings onto good people.

Being on the receiving end of negative unwanted behaviour can be quite soul destroying and can make you feel singled out as the weakest link in the pack, especially when all you want to do is be good at what you do and be pleasant with everyone you meet.  Game players notice your professionalism/pleasantness which shines a light on their own failings i.e. not being good at what they do and only being pleasant with an elite group who they think will help enhance their status  or further their career opportunities.

‘Know this, Understand this, Digest this in all that you do’

If you have made a mistake, reassess what you could have done better or if you are not good at what you do, you have a responsibility to yourself to either get good or immediately inform all connected parties of what you can do, then deliver on what you can do. Failure to do so gives strength and power to the Game players arsenal of sniping your arena of professionalism i.e. discussing your apparent incompetence to peers, seniors etc.

If you are good at what you do and all parties know what you can do, it would take a very bad person to tangle with you, unfortunately you can’t get rid of life politics so don’t get angry when a bad person suddenly pits their bad behaviour in your direction – Take a brief moment to wonder what made them so angry and it is in this wonderment that you will find the answer;

‘The issue isn’t you or yours to bare, they have made a mistake, you have inadvertently shone your light of professionalism/pleasantness on to their mistake and they need to  reassess how they could have behaved better’

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