A brief moment in time


For a brief moment in time I catch glimpses of something special, today I reminisced on the arts of self defence, self protection and philosophical development, all of which appear to be transfixed in everyday life as more people walk through the doors of their local sportcentres/gyms etc in the hope of achieving their personal goals through the media of martial/pugilistic arts facilities.  Some partake for fun, exercise, to boost their confidence within their environment or simply to learn how to defend themselves from hostile situations.

From boxing to the art of the samurai, exponents searching for a higher level of attainment strive for artistic excellence, on such journeys they may find the road treacherous and frought with obstacles preventing them achieving, it is these times that show me those extra special moments of greatness as individuals push forward with their new idea, new approach, new system etc and have and are enthralling me with their skills, brilliance and lasting legacies.

The picture attached shows a few of my favorite artists who have either given me that one moment of genius that I will treasure and celebrate always or they have positively affected my life forever ;

Hatsumi – Ninjutsu
Musashi – Samurai
Gichin – Shotokan Karate
Ueshiba – Aikido
Mike Stone – US Karate Team
Bruce Lee – Jeet Kune Do
Dan Inosanto – Kali/Escrima (The Knowledge)
Helio Gracie – Gracie Jui-jitsu
Rickson Gracie – Brazilian Jui-jitsu
Wayne Otto OBE – Traditional Karate
Ernesto Hoost – K1
Sugar Ray Robinson
Muhammad Ali
George Foreman
Joe Frazier
Joe Louis
Sugar Ray Leonard
Marvin Hagler
Roberto Duran
Jake Lamatto
Rocky Marciano
Floyd Mayweather

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