Natural Chess Play – Bruce Lee Style

If someone attacks you your response should be natural…no thinking
Opening in chess requires me to reach a natural state of no mindedness in order to flow and redirect my opponents pieces.

Drilling any art to a set pattern creates a stagnated robotic process which lacks freedom of flexibility or innovation. In Bruce Lee’s film ‘Way of the Dragon’ where he is involved in his epic battle with the then World Karate Champion Chuck Norris, his initial movements are staid and rigid, conforming to how his opponent wished him to move. The second part of the battle see’s Bruce take on a more fluid method of approach, being more relaxed and natural in his form and movement.
Once the basic moves have been learned “I do not play, it plays all by itself”
As a rookie player I have reached a state where I now can enjoy good days of playing chess and can appreciate that I have a very long way to go to achieve my target goal. For the moment though, I celebrate the plateau of naturalness that I have reached and look forward to working towards my next goal.

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