The Main Attraction

I recently over heard a conversation in my local library and thought I would share it with you. The conversation was between a sagacious looking middle aged gentleman, very neat in his dress sense and a young man possibly 21-22 years of age who looked like he had just fallen out of a GQ or Mens Health magazine…pristine appearance.

The young man slumped in front of the library computer and whimpered ‘Why don’t I look desirable to women’.

The sage slowly pulled his glasses from his face and placed them on his mouse mat, taking a deep breath in the process as he went on to say, “A whole range of reasons, but lets focus on the positive for just a second. If you walk with confidence, have good hygiene and preening you will attract an element of swooning or attraction as you call it. The difficulty comes when you mentally jump out of the subliminal social attraction grading system i.e. you might be a 6 on the social scale of attraction but you expect a fantastic response from a lady/ladies who is/are a 10+.

Now I know this shouldn’t make a difference and in fact I know many normal everyday 3/4’s who have attracted 10+’s, but thats no good to you I know, but the question is how did they do it? All I know is they had extreme confidence in who they were and established themselves firmly as key players in a chosen field. They were always immaculately turned out, even when they dressed down and scruffed their hair on purpose. They didn’t over do the cologne but they never went without either. They were and still are 3/4’s on the attraction scale, but boy do they know how to have fun…not just fake cheap joke funny, they oozed humor and helped people feel relaxed in their company making them a pleasure to be around. Whilst the 10+ GQ men stand at the bar, in a room, restaurant etc waiting for ladies to fall at their feet, my 3/4’s create mini huddles of chatter, laughter and generally having a great time.

Who could not want to swoon/admire/respect someone who makes you feel at ease and genuinely makes you feel part of their life?”


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