Translatory Experts – Project Management


You have your communications plan updated with all key stakeholders logged and appropriate meetings outlined. The project team are aware of the existence of the communications plan and attend all meetings stated. Discussions fly backwards and forwards within the individual teams and everyone looks busy playing their part in developing the project. It all looks promising and the project looks to be pushing forward.

Around the fifth project update meeting things start to take a sinister turn, stakeholders have turned on one another for the none completion of tasks, technicians have stopped working, claiming their issues have not been dealt with so can’t continue with the IT development, PMO are having trouble getting up to date highlight reports from individual teams and the Project Manager is being hauled over the coals by the Project Owner for not producing to timescale.

Dependent on the critical nature of the project, the project manager’s reputation would seriously be questioned and subsequently if no improvement strategy found the project would be labelled as not viable to requirements and suffer a rapid termination…but all this could have been avoided if the use of ‘Translatory Experts’ was deployed.

This system of ‘Translatory Experts’ is not rocket science, nor is it a financial burden to the project, simply put it is a new/old way of ensuring the project manager has assurance that their communication plan is well and truly a living document rather than a product completed as part of the project plan.

I like to assign a ‘Translatory Team’ to help solidify key stakeholders understanding of any agreed outcomes. The problem I see is that having a good communications channel opens the doors for discussions, which is good, but does not necessarily obtain tangible roles/responsibilities and processes. A Translatory expert reaches complete sign off of non product based communications i.e. who is doing what, when, how with whom etc. You would think the project plan covers this but not necessarily as the plan is more product based rather than people based, this is where the ‘Translatory expert’ comes in, working with the people to agree with the people and to focus the people on the actions each one will need to take in order to complete their agreed people tasks.

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Advice from My Project Management Expert

The Bonafide Leader

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