Rookies Chess Play 5

Thrashed in 6
Well, I must say I recently had a blitz match and got thrashed in 6 moves.
I couldn’t believe it, after all my training and everything, but let me tell you what led up to this fantastic defeat, maybe you might feel it wasn’t a real defeat only an occurrence of misfortune.  Anyway, I saw a new opportunity to play chess and took it like a kid being handed a jammie doughnut. I registered my details and put myself in for an initial game, suddenly up pops the chess board only half filling my laptop screen, I tried to make it fit the screen but there was no way it would fit.
Not knowing where the controls were to chat to my opponent about my current situation or to abort the game I made my first five moves like a proper Rookie, reverting to mirroring my opponents moves as I could only see up to line 5, I was blind to their Queens activity and so paid the price dismally(maybe I should have just discontinued play and lost on time?)
I play Black
The Rematch
In a complete reversal of fortune I was very pleased with the rematch (played on my larger screen pc this time). I had forced a few stoppage points in this game which prevented my opponent from pushing forward in a co-ordinated attack. I’m quite happy with the support I offered each of my pieces but now I know I have to step up my strategy by creating a quicker end process game.  
I play Black
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