UK Binge Drinking

I don’t know if Britain gets a bad wrap when compared to other countries, yes apparently last year Britain had the worst underage drinking stats, how they work that out I don’t know, because I’m not too sure that all the underage drinkers in Britain went along to the government and registered that they were indeed an underage drinker.

I think stats are rather subjective when put into full context and should not be taken as the full facts in any way, if that was the case it would then need to be believed that Australia has the worst violent alcohol abusers, Sweden is reverting to the largest violent alcohol gang society and 1 in 3 people in the USA is an alcohol abuser, these of course are based on statistical data of reported incidents, hospital and police recordings, but in no way reflect the true magnitude of alcohol abuse in any one area. That Britain may have better systems for capturing such data may be to their credit and maybe other countries will have to adopt it. Only thing that bothers me is that it is all well and good capturing numbers and labelling country’s with a negative slant, but what is being done to correct the situation. Is there going to be an alcohol amnesty/embargo/ban put in place, Nooooo, there won’t be, and why? because the countries make obscene amounts of revenue from it sales. So, with the continued availability of alcohol, and lack of control on how much individuals consume, I’m sorry but there will always be users who become abusers no matter what country they are in.

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