The Weather Controller

For those who don’t know what snow is, be thankful. Each year around about this time we get the dreaded stuff, gently floating in the air teasing us with its arrival for a few days then blam, we are hit with inches/feet of snow then everything in our locality comes to a grinding halt. You can’t go to the shops safely, you can’t travel anywhere safely, how Canadians or Russians survive in such conditions is beyond me, I suppose its something you acclimatise to, but yet I see that they wrap up in thick thick coats and furry hats, so maybe you can’t get too acclimatised to sub zero temperatures, only a heightened tolerance to its very existence. Yes, along with the snow comes the freeze factor in all its glory, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate snow, I just don’t see the point to it and the extremity of lethal coldness that comes with it. 
Scientists have been studying weather patterns and the causes of different weather formations in order to inform our local weather people. This has been going on for years. If I want to know about rain, I’m told when it is likely to happen, if thunder is coming I’m told when this is due to come around, all this and more I am told will happen from well founded scientific research where countless man hours of work have gone into devising technological gadgets to tell me in more detail that the aforementioned weather conditions will be occuring.
Several years I have spent on this earth and I know these scientists are hard working clever people who seek improvement for mankind and a better understanding of the world we live in, but it seems to me there is some thing missing in their works, some thing that I have never heard talked about, only in the movies, some thing that if it has been discussed it has been kept an international secret…what is it you ask?… well I’ll tell you…For all the smarts of the scientists, for all the gadgets and gizmos and predictions, why haven’t they come up with a way to stop such terrible weather from occuring,  stopping/controlling hurricanes, blizzards, earth quakes, terrential rain etc surely is a better way forward because I liken what we have at present to having the ability to tell me a car is going to run me over but not being able to do anything about.

Billions of pounds are spent on creating things we don’t necessarily need, but  help show off the skills and knowledge of the scientists/techies who created them, me personally I know there needs to be a serious re-evaluation of what is deemed ‘necessary’ on a global scale and you know what, I would be one of the happiest people around if I could hear at least one scientist/techie/global minister say they are now taking action on creating a solution to controlling weather or maybe it is one of those projects that just can’t be done due to political wrangling’s and conspiracy theories of one country using such controlling devices in a negative manner(although illegal, some countries still think others have used some form of weather control methods to win favours or destroy lands).
So what of the future, I hasten to state that we are sadly left with grim predictions and fancy toys, rather than the prospect of living comfortably without fear of natures extreme boasts.
Are the scientists going to show us how clever they really are? Who knows, but if it happens in my time I will give a little smile whilst I chill on the Champs-Elysees.
Surely there is a way to make the weather a positive experience rather than the constant misfortunes we have to endure year in year out.
In the past there have been some kind of attempts at weather control but for me they concentrated on creating the elements rather than controlling or stopping the elements and were too local and not on an international/global level.

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