The Ultimate ‘You’ Performance

Bruce Lee meditating

With a whole host of training sciences, technology, guidance and coaching available to civilian workers/managers/elite forces/athletes/sports participants/hobbyists and general well being enthusiasts, it can be quite daunting when searching for learning information that fits you exactly. How then do I begin to learn how to reach my optimum level of performance in any sphere if I am told that the way I have been training/learning is no longer useful? how do I repair the damage from taking part in these old routines? How do I know the new ways of working don’t carry any future pitfalls?

Being an inquistive type, I researched that there is no one exercise/practise/guidance that is good or bad for an individual. Everyone has different tolerance levels to learning and training, so one man’s good exercise/guidance can be another’s living nightmare.

Experience shows that if the participant learner feels pain or a state of uncomfort during or after the practise/guidance/exercise, they are probably applying it wrong or are trying to do too much. I noted this applied to work/home and my hobbies, in fact pretty much everything I do in the course of my daily living.

Whether a practise/guidance/exercise is good for me or not depends on my preparations and understanding of my own tolerances. If I feel alleviated during and after the practise/exercise/guidance then it is most likely benefiting me and won’t cause me any harm. The damage occurs when I decide to push beyond the comfort of my tolerances in an attempt to recreate a higher tolerance level, in so doing, hitting the pain barrier/unhappiness and so injury/negative thinking sets in e.g. If I applied to be the director of a supermarket I would be setting myself up to fail as I don’t have the first idea about running a supermarket, if I wanted to climb Everest without any training I would definitely be in for a bit of shock or suffer the worst case scenario. In terms of working within my boundaries I definitely need to know and understand my tolerances in order to know how far I can allow myself to grow safely.

So what are my key elements to achieving my ultimate personal performances;


Determine your goals.


Know your body type.

Eat frequently, with a mixture of protein and carbohydrates at every meal.

Watch the mirror, not the scale.

Drink water (I personally have 0.8L to 1.5L per day dependent on whether I am having a physical workout).

Train regularly and consistently.

Only if I have achieved balance in all of these key areas can I expect to perform to my optimum capability in my chosen goal. One of my biggest wishes is for the British Olympic Team 2012 to maintain balance both individually and as a united group. I wish them all the best in their preparations.

Just one more thing, So why do I climb hills and mountains? And Are the Hills really Alive?



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