Performance Management eludes Internet

More recently you can discover all types of products and services online. Not so long ago, such things as PC games did not even exist but now you can access about every PC game that was ever made. With a flick of a button and the technological advancements of high-speed broadband and bandwidth your game is ready for you to play instantaneously and switched off with the same button.

Thanks to the innovators for sharing their desire to make things better on the internet, thanks for the powerful people who listened to the innovators and gave them a platform to create their desire, but even the late great psychologists/physicists/philosophers could not find the on/off switch for dealing with performance management. 

Life is confusing enough without having to get out of bed and deal with the performance management of people, but we can make it easier by;

  • Setting, agreeing and reviewing achievement of objectives/targets/performance/training and development
  •  Conducting interim and annual appraisals, prompting discussions and solutions to issues
  • Ensure staff have a clear knowledge of their day to day roles and responsibilities. Implementing Mentoring/ desk buddy training
  •  Rationalise and streamline unnecessary/ineffective duties.
  • Ensure staff have access to relevant tools, guidance, training, standard operating models I.e aide memoires, ensuring staff are flexible re duties plus that they feel well supported
  • Praise, reward and discipline appropriately and consistently

From my experiences there isn’t a single approach to motivating staff. The identification of a range of motivational drivers can help work towards addressing the diverse needs of staff as one motivator may not fit all.

For example, motivating employees doesn’t always have to involve pay rewards. ‘Recognition’ and ‘open communication’ can steer staff to perform to a high standard in their current jobs.

The challenge is to align their individual needs, interests, Health & Safety, career aspirations, and learning goals with business performance and results.

Try and provide new roles, stimulating work and other opportunities for individual development ensuring they have the necessary tools to successfully complete projects .i.e multi tasking with the use of robust standard operating models, good quality training.

Again, give positive feedback I.e. Publicly/privately praise them, specifically saying how and why their effort was of value.

Aside from work duties there are the extra items that make up elements of motivation and the feel good factor, these are to celebrate birthdays/anniversaries with your staff and let them know that your door is always open to support them and listen to their ideas and concerns.

In team meetings make it your goal to encourage creative thinking from your staff in order to discover new ways to improve processes whilst looking deeper into the business and making them feel part of the decision making process in turn making them confident about their future within the organization.

“To get a handle on what people need, employers need to open their eyes and ears and get out there and talk to people.”

Rob Robson, business psychologist HR

“Get them convinced – because it is true of course – that what they do makes a difference”

Richard Templar – The Rules of Management

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