NLP & Psycho-Cybernetics

I recently had the chance to talk to a talented young lady who wishes to make major innovative changes within the art world.
I linked what she had done to promote herself closely to Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) as this was born out of a mix of computer based methodology that presented a set of processes designed to help any individual achieve a result no matter whether the result was desired or undesired.
Psycho Cybernetics on the other hand embraces the mind and body to improve the whole person with the agreed desired outcome.
On the subject of the young lady in question, I found her to be a fresh approach to the art world and it is great that she has pushed forward to reach such heights within her chosen profession and be a positive role model for youngsters within her community and wider, but alas, like NLP, she has brought about a moment of controversy around her challenging comments regarding well known and respected artists that now appear in major films and advertising. This has created a negative illusion of her, but like all media it may have also raised her profile, even if it might be for the worse (no such thing as bad publicity say the celebs)
This is where I link back to my previous statement regarding NLP (as it would appear the young lady has inadvertently taken a leaf out of the NLP handbook
‘To get a result no matter what the result’
NLP in this case would look at taking another course of action to get the desired result but not care how it is achieved.
Psycho cybernetics would assess ‘why?’ the result had occurred, ‘why?’ the person chose the path they took and then formulate appropriate plans to achieve an amicable desired outcome.
Using the elasto plast example, NLP would yank it off quick, get the desired outcome from its computerised methodology, but won’t care that the plaster may have left some pain to selves/others.
Psycho Cybernetics on the other hand would ascertain a communication with all concerned, seek suitable pain free options i.e. soaking the elasto plast in water/gel solution/wax etc then gently removing the elasto plast.
After our discussion the young lady agreed to carry with her a bit of Psycho cybernetics (by Maxwell Maltz) with a promise that I would be hearing and seeing many great things from her in the very near future.


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