Rookies Chess Play 3

Well, I got back on the horse and straddled the Blitz match once more, I felt somewhat different during this game, not over confident or anything like that but more an appreciation of the strategy of movement and the potential end game.
You see I’ve analysed my game play and have realised that my mid to end game needs some serious work if I want to capitalise on a stronger game.  During this game I felt myself relax and find a focus that I had not reached when playing chess, within my other activities I can reach a deep sense of relaxation and pin point focus but with chess this had been a long time coming. I was definitely pleased to have my new relaxed state, as the speed of a blitz match really did overwhelm me, but now, during this match that  doubt had disappeared and was replaced with a quicker thinking mind and more positive movements.
Don’t get me wrong I made some very rookie mistakes in this match, but somehow I wanted to train my mind to continue through no matter what and try to achieve a more positive end game.
To the annoyance of my very good opponent the computer concluded the game as a draw due to repetitive movement of the same chess pieces.
When I look back at the board now, I can see why my opponent got a little power hungry stating  they won really, but I still to this day don’t know why they didn’t just take their King around the other side of their Bishop, they must surely have been onto a winner in that scenario!!!
Rules are Rules, so I proudly claim this draw in my second Blitz match.
I play White


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