Rookies Chess Play 2

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Time Out For chess Rookie

Sometimes you fall lucky with obtaining victories in whatever sphere, once I consider lucky but twice I start to think something isn’t right. My recent game started with flying colours and gave the promise of a  true battle of skill until an awkward situation arose whereby my opponent had not moved within the clock and so was timed out. As with my previous game where I won by resignation I’m having to chalk this one off my list as another win even though the database classes it as a victory.

Am I scaring my opponents off (seriously I’m not that good at all, just love the game) or is there an ulterior motive for such actions, having said that, I have yet to finish the match where I am getting creamed and there is definitely no way I can reach a draw let alone a win in this match, but along the way to my gladiatorial demise I am racking up these easy victories.
Should I be changing my mindset and labelling any type of win as a win or am I justified in thinking that I have been cheated out of a true performance?
I still feel the latter, but am starting to sway to the former in light of the recent behaviours. Maybe I need to step up a gear and play the hardened Rookie player who takes no nonsense and will really  push my game, I’ll let you know how I get on in my next update.


One mistake costs plenty in Blitz  This is the game where I made a few errors of judgement and paid the price dearly. A little more concentration on my part wouldn’t have gone a miss. Just goes to show you that if you take your eye off the board for a split second you are more than guaranteed to flop out. I learned a lot from this game, mainly that I have to speed up my mental thought processes if I wish to take part in another Blitz match. I’ve come away with an awesome feeling though, the racing against time whilst trying to build a strategy formation to block or check your opponents King pieces really does get the adrenaline pumping. I’ll let you know how I develop in the merciless world of Blitz Chess (if at all). Keep an eye out for my next post.I play White




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