Who Has Responsibility For Changing Culture?

‘One man’s agony is another man’s joy’ The Community

This is clearly not how life should be percieved but currently ‘it is what it is’ as I am so often told by colleagues and family alike. It’s the stronger versus the weaker in a world where spectating the ills of others is the order of the day. Fear; one of many reasons why civilians can’t and won’t get involved, fear of reprisals, fear of being the one being spectated with no offer of help or salvation. Non existence of the knight in shining armour coming to save the day gives locals no hope of a better tomorrow so why should they get involved today. The call for help falls on deaf ears as penalties are ignored and innocent law abiding citizens are crushed in the mayhem of retribution. Years upon years of ploys, tactics, strategies, forums, workshops and legislation promised us ‘Change’, promised reduction in crime and its statistics, promised the safety of a nation, to this day those promises have not been kept. Small pockets of communities will protest otherwise as they would have systematically drilled out the ASBO brigade on to some other poor unsuspecting community and so the circle continues. Sweeping issues under the carpet is not going to make them go away, but imprisoning offenders in over crowded jails is no guarantee of rehabiliation, so they are released earlier or serve community sentences and reign the streets once more. And so the circle begins again.

A lot of words have been spoken around this issue and maybe there is no one way of dealing with the complexities it affords, but maybe just maybe if a simplistic approach rather than high powered expensive blue sky thinking was adopted, there may be a chance for improvement.

An absolutely Positive engagement with communities from all sectors i.e. children, parents, Adults with no children, councillors, education etc establishes the key to knowledge of others within the community. Establishes the fears of others towards others, establishes knowledge of others then establishes solutions to remedy the fears. At present we have many fears running through communities and what do you do when you fear something you lash out at anything that is different because you think you don’t know any better. Lets conquer the fear in the communities and create knowledge.

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