Awkard Conversations – How We Should Have More Of Them, and How Our Policies Mean We Probably Won’t

The Journey Man

The subject of Diversity, harrassment and victimisation whether direct or indirect is a subject that makes many a civilian shrink into this cocoon of say nothing/do nothing and I won’t get sued, say nothing/do nothing and I they can’t blame me, say nothing/do nothing and it will be nothing to me. This non action can be seen as a repressed hatred for anyone different but is this necessarily true?


I don’t think if you don’t do anything it makes you hate others, you just might not want to get injured or killed.

The Journey Man

Good point Danny,

A lot of kids carry some sort of weapon. I just saw on the news the other day a shop owner tackling a robber with a sword. After a bit of a struggle he got it off him and the robber ran off.

How lucky was he?

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