Bullet chess(800-900 rated) versus Long play chess(FIDE 1352)

Wow just thought i would check out the theory that playing fast games of chess doesn’t help improve your long play chess skills. Here is my report on what i found out.

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Beauty of hand eye coordination exercises

Just a short update to mention that I love practising my hand-eye coordination with martial arts weapons. It’s a great way to keep my mind and body pumped whilst sharpening my reflexes in the process.

Really looking forward to my next Fong Tien Self defence training session.

FIDE 1352 – Analysis of World Champion’s Chess Games

Analysis of world champions chess games from a humble FIDE 1352 rated chess player

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A near miss

Ford Fiesta RS WRC

My pride, my joy, my airfix toy

My hours of toil, on show for all

Even today I could have a celebratory ball

So on this day, I must confess

I accidentally toppled it to the floor, oh i dreaded a mess

Daring to peer through a half shut eye

I shuddered, whimpered in readiness to cry

Whoop whoop…Sturdy as rock my airfix Fiesta

Not a mark on it, so i’m off for a siesta 🙂

Eat, drink, sleep Chess

FIDE 1352

I’m excited about playing more future games of chess. Hoping to not miss simple tactics.

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