Do i not like bullet chess – 2

Firstly, I find playing bullet chess very difficult mainly due to the time scramble right from the get-go. However over the years that I have been trying to get to grips with this concept I have come to realise that there is a fine line between bullet chess being a useless idea to actually being a brilliant way to develop a different part of the mind.

For practising my quickness of positional play and minor tactical awareness there is no better tool. It allows me to put into action the concepts learned from long play games and puts an active pressure on finding a goodish move that can either stabilise a position to win on time or develop a fortress of attack that can’t be beaten.

The massive downside to playing bullet is that I can win on time but be in a very bad position, to which if the game was a long play game I would surely not fair too well. So bullet chess can breed some very very very bad habits in my long play game. However I’m a firm believer in also being prepared for a time scramble in a long game (which it can and does happen) so practising bullet chess with this mindset helps me sit at ease with the concept.


So in readiness for this weekends Rapid chess tournament I’ve dived into the world of bullet chess.

With the hope I can think quickly like a hare and move my chess pieces like a tortoise.

Magical moments to treasure

You don’t need to do something crazy to find that magical moment


Peace πŸ™‚

Meet 2019

2019, the year of chance and hope.

The time for all to dance and joke.

A year to be challenged, but not mangled.

The time to play a little tune to an almighty cheer.

And bring in the New Year without a shred of fear.


Bruce Lee in action β€” Travel with Intent

This geometric portrait of Bruce Lee, is the work of South Korean street artist , XEVA, created as part of the HK Walls festival in 2015. It was made with spray paint on a tile wall and has lasted well for its age. Seung-Baik Yoo, aka XEVA, was born and lives in Seoul and is mostΒ […]

via Bruce Lee in action β€” Travel with Intent

So you miss a few…enjoy the ones you get in :)

The basket ball rim seems to move every time I take a shot

Or are my eyes seeing double…because moving it is not

Bend my knees and prepare to target

Push my arm towards the basket

Up up and away the ball goes

Where it will land nobody knows

The clatter of the rim sends the ball flying

All I can do is stand there crying

Grab the ball for another try

This time I’m primed but feel more ready for pie

Standing tall eye-balling the rim

You’re going in this time sonny-jim


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