From dream to reality – Lisa Stansfield

It’s absolutely fantastic when a life long dream becomes a reality. Although before the reality kicked in I started to wonder if the event might be an anti climax and not meet the heady heights of my dream factory. The event in question was my long awaited magical journey into the world of one of my top listed singers ‘Lisa Stansfield‘ who was performing at the Barbican in York.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, I was about to see Lisa Live wow :O

I hoped she and her band would sound awesome. I hoped for everything to be just perfect. I’m so glad to say I wasn’t to be disappointed, as Lisa smashed it big style, out performing my dream expectations. The songs off the album ‘Deeper’ were a brilliant treat, so pleased I bought the CD at the stalls 🙂

So my life long dream became a magnificent triumphant reality, creating an even bigger new found respect for Lisa’s supreme gift of vocal artistry.

Great Concert 🙂

p.s. The York Regency Chinese Restaurant food is to die for – delish 🙂



Pump up the Mind, Body and Spirit


(Inter Fong Tien Martial Arts & Sports Academy)

Welcome to the Fong Tien portal which provides access to a range of sports and activities to help keep the mind nimble and the body mobile.

“One-stop shop” showcasing IFMSA Activities.
  Learn and Play Chess

Keep the mind pumped with hints and tips for the Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced Chess player.

  Self-Protection Management
Key guidance for searching for Self-defence/Martial arts training.
  Meet the Gym
A few hints and tips to spice up your visits to the gym.
  What’s this Fong Tien thing?
Historical information about the eclectic Fong Tien arts.
  Protect You
Books designed to help raise awareness of street conflict management and self-defence.
  The Great Outdoors
Benefits of experiencing major walks locally, regionally or nationally.


Protect You – Self Defence Training

We are pleased to offer Private Self Protection Management training for those who cannot or do not want to train in a large class environment. We will gladly sit down with individuals for a confidential initial assessment to discuss your requirements and design your individual training programme.

Why not treat your partner or loved one to a unique gift, top quality personalised Self Protection Management training, something special for that special person.

Alternatively why not treat yourself right now, if you feel you deserve a treat and want to benefit from some of the best Self Protection Management training around then indulge yourself, this could be a lifestyle changing experience.

These bespoke courses will offer exclusive access to our highly trained Chief Defensive Tactics Trainer who will teach you Self Protection Management concepts that are specifically adapted to your personal needs and requirements.



Queen Sacrifice at St Louis GM Norm Chess Tournament

Been following a great chess tournament this week and was absolutely blown away by this game

In such a high octane environment to have the gumption to pull off a Queen sacrifice, yes a Queen sacrifice and to go on to win the match is absolutely brilliant.


GM Norm tournament in St Louis


Chess Karma

The effort you put into developing skills in chess is what you get out of it, simple really. I’ve put some good karma into my study of chess, so the Yin Yang balance of Hard and soft has truly increased my knowledge of the game.

Loving the ‘Endgame Opening’ psychology, so have made  5 tutorial vlogs to help with my referencing going forward.

When I first started on my Chess Journey I knew nothing. I accumulated a bit of knowledge on how the pieces moved and thought I knew a little something. I learned many strategies, concepts, tactics, tricks and a range of shifty ideas to gain an advantage in a match. Thankfully, I am the chess player I dreamed of one day being.  Not a champion, nor master of any sort, just a chess player who is very happy with his lot 🙂 ~ Sylvan Clarke



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