Georgina – Luxury or Necessity?


As my beloved car ‘Georgina’ reaches her twilight years (yes I’m one of those that named their inanimate object out of some attempt at bonding more closely with it, but hey, I don’t care)

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How to improve in chess

Developing in chess is one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences you can encounter. Each stage of the chess education process is an adventure in its own right. From learning how the pieces move, making moves with the pieces, then becoming comfortable with the opening, midgame and endgame theories, there’s a catalogue of great stratagem and mental agility training to be accomplished.  Such training involves critically analysing your games (both over the board real life and online). Studying and critically evaluating Elite chess player’s games to build your own repertoire of strategies and plans. Researching chess books/chess youtubers/youtube chess competitions/chess websites, to gain further insights into how other chess players think.

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From dream to reality – Lisa Stansfield

It’s absolutely fantastic when a life long dream becomes a reality. Although before the reality kicked in I started to wonder if the event might be an anti climax and not meet the heady heights of my dream factory. The event in question was my long awaited magical journey into the world of one of my top listed singers ‘Lisa Stansfield‘ who was performing at the Barbican in York.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself, I was about to see Lisa Live wow :O

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Protect You – Self Defence Training

We are pleased to offer Private Self Protection Management training for those who cannot or do not want to train in a large class environment. We will gladly sit down with individuals for a confidential initial assessment to discuss your requirements and design your individual training programme.

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Queen Sacrifice at St Louis GM Norm Chess Tournament

Been following a great chess tournament this week and was absolutely blown away by this game

In such a high octane environment to have the gumption to pull off a Queen sacrifice, yes a Queen sacrifice and to go on to win the match is absolutely brilliant.


GM Norm tournament in St Louis


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