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Trimming the cedar to find Clifford the big red dog peeping at me


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How I became a Chess Champion in 2019 (U1412)

Ok so I attended a chess congress last weekend, the sections that were available were as follows;

  • OPEN (usually over 1862 rated players)
  • MAJOR U1862 incl INTER U1712
  • MINOR U1562 inc CHALLENGER U1412

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How to deliver the most powerful kick to Protect You

Greg trained long and hard into the night, working on perfecting the deep strategies and tactics required to make his side kick as strong as possible. Each training session he focussed so intently on making this kick more devastating than the last kick. He worked hard, he worked fast and too his credit his kick had improved, but still he wasn’t quite happy with it. His kick could move the largest of training bags both static and swinging, favouring the almighty impact he could get from powering through focus shields and sending people flying 5 feet. His kick was awesome, his kick was powerful, but yet he still wasn’t happy.

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Bullet chess(800-900 rated) versus Long play chess(FIDE 1345)

Wow just thought i would check out the theory that playing fast games of chess doesn’t help improve your long play chess skills. Here is my report on what i found out.

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17 – 20 min matches FIDE 1345


FIDE 1345

  • 17 min ignored the threat of attack and followed own targets Watch the game
  • 17 min keep calm, shallow attacks are just that…shallow Watch the game
  • 20 min – The shock of my life – How the blazes did I come back from that…wow Watch the game
  • 20 min Worming my way through yet again. Made a right meal of this game, c’mon pull yourself together Watch the game
  • 20 min Take for take
  • 20 min Once the finish line is visible, keep the pressure on Watch the game
  • 20 min When a game goes all the way, know your endgame for sure Watch the game




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